Catered Party

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Special Treats & Novelties

Small / Large Sundae Party

$7.00 / $9.00 / per person (50 person minimum)

  • Pre-scooped Ice Cream

  • Jimmies or Sprinkles

  • Hot Fudge

  • Whipped Cream

  • Assorted Dry Topping

  • Discount Cake Prices

+ $100 at Crescent Ridge
+ $200 at Your Location

Reserve and Customize Your Catered Event

You can reserve the date for your full service catered event here.
We offer hosts, games, and other activities for catered events at our Sharon, MA location!

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Phone #
Planned Party Date
Planned Party Date
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50 Total Person Minimum (Adult+Child)
50 Total Person Minimum (Adult+Child)
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