Take-Away Party Packages

Please Order 4 Business Days Ahead!


Kiddie or Small Ice Cream Package

Pre-scooped Ice Cream, Kiddie/Small size, Jimmies or Sprinkles. 
50 Person Minimum

Kiddie / 5$ per person
Small / 6$ per person

Starting Price


Small or Large Sundae Bar Package

Pre-scooped Ice Cream, Help Yourself Sundaes, Hot Fudge, Whipped Cream, 1 Dry Topping. Discounted Cake Prices. 50 Person Minimum

Small $7 per person
Large / $9 per person

Starting Price



Frequently Asked Questions

Why Pre-Scoop the ice cream?

We pre-scoop the ice cream to allow the host to have as many choices in flavors that they want. It is also less messy and more portable! It is cleaner to scoop at our facilities, and once it is pre-scooped, the ice cream is put into the deep freezer so it will stay cold while traveling to the event.

Does the host provide anything?

If the event is at your location, we need an outlet for sundae bars and an extension cord for the hot fudge to be able to be plugged in and stay warm. We also offer a tent and table on us if the host requests it.

How many people on staff work the event?

If the event is at your location, We usually have 2 staff members working the event, however, if the party is larger we will add more help as needed.

Can we tip the staff at our event?

Yes, hosts are allowed to tip our staff for their hard work.

How does payment work?

If the event is at your location, and the event plan is finalized, our events coordinator will make a customized invoice with all the details about your event. We accept checks, credit cards and cash (if preferred). We can run credit cards over the phone, or you can come to the Dairy Bar in person before the event.

What if I had something more specific or different in mind for my event?

Here at Crescent Ridge, we try to make your event as special as possible. We will do our best to bring your party to life with the resources available! Just let us know what you are looking for and we will do our best to make it happen!