Crescent Ridge Home Delivery

We deliver more than just delicious milk.
Rich, creamy milk is just one delicious Crescent Ridge offering. We also raise our own top quality beef and pork products. 

Every week, we deliver a pantry full of quality provisions such as eggs, cheese, bread, and even gourmet coffee. There are more than 100 items to choose from.

Every day at 4:00am, our team of milkmen pack up the fleet of trucks with ice-cold Crescent Ridge Milk, ice cream, and weekly grocery orders and head out on their routes. This is the best way to ensure that every item we sell is handled with care and arrives safely tasting fresh and delicious.

The glass is always greener.
All Crescent Ridge Milk is packaged in environmentally friendly glass bottles. Not only is glass better for the taste of our milk, it’s reusable and recyclable—so there’s less packaging headed to the landfill.