Serving Smiles Since 1968

Since 1968, Crescent Ridge Dairy Bar has been serving famous ice cream to people of all ages. Somewhere between an ice cream stand and ice cream heaven, you'll find the Crescent Ridge Dairy Bar. It's a place where you can enjoy over 40 flavors of the most delicious, premium ice cream you’ve ever tried.

Each flavor of ice cream starts with our 50-year-old Parrish family recipe and is carefully churned and hand packed to be truly, unbelievably, insanely delicious.


Crescent Ridge History


Local Farm Beginnings

Since 1932, Crescent Ridge Dairy has been delivering small batch milk and quality provisions to families throughout Massachusetts. Ever since Malby Parrish made the first rounds in his trusty 1928 Chevrolet milk truck, folks have been looking forward to seeing the Crescent Ridge Milkman come around the corner each week.


Opening of the Dairy Bar

In 1968, the Parrish family decided it was time to make summers a little sweeter in their local area. Using surplus milk from the summer herd, the family began crafting their homemade recipe ice cream, which is still in use today. The sweet treats had to have a place to be sold, so the dairy bar was erected and soon became a local name for ice cream.


Award Winning Ice Cream

After earning accolades like National Geographic’s “Top 10 Places to get Ice Cream” Crescent Ridge Dairy Bar has begun expansion. We are serving scoops in our new Boston Public Market stall! You can also now find the same great recipe ice cream in grocery stores around the Massachusetts area. Click here to see a list of stores where you can find Crescent Ridge


True To Tradition

A lot has changed since we first opened our doors, but a lot hasn’t either. Our ice cream is still in small batch using local ingredients so you’ll always enjoy the same fresh flavor, whether its in a scoop or a store.


Crescent Ridge Ice Cream

For over 50 years we've been scooping our famous ice cream. See what all the fuss is about by heading over to the Dairy Bar and trying it yourself! Check out some of our flavors!


Crescent Ridge Party

Having a party? Have your party at our location or we can bring the party to you!


Crescent Ridge Events

See what the scoop is around the farm to learn about new events that we are hosting to the public