Dairy Bar Daze

We are celebrating 50 years at the Crescent Ridge Dairy Bar! Founded in 1968, the Dairy Bar Anniversary year will celebrate the GROOVY times the Dairy Bar has seen in its daze! (Summer Daze, Autumn Daze, Winter Daze).


Summer Daze

Starting May 1st is Summer Daze! We'll offer special deals on your favorite treats like Sundaes on Monday, Far Out Frappes, Outta Sight Ice Cream Cones, Solid Specialty Drinks & More.  All the fun and our discount offers will be announced through social media and email! 


Funky Flavor Challenge

The Funky Flavor Challenge is a competition to create a new Crescent Ridge ice cream flavor. Our Summer Funky Flavor Challenge ends in June (date TBD), so get your guess in now!  Who will be named our winner and our funky flavor expert?!


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